From our friends at Terrapin Bright Green:

Terrapin Press Release – Tapping into Nature

The Future of Energy, Innovation, and Business

Terrapin’s new paper highlights profitable examples of bioinspired innovations and illustrates how companies can use bioinspiration as a tool for innovation.

We are pleased to announce the release of Tapping into Nature: The Future of Energy, Innovation, and Business, our newest publication. The paper explores breakthrough bioinspired products and the vast, largely untapped market potential of a biologically-inspired approach to innovation.

Organisms have flourished on Earth for nearly 4 billion years, continuously adapting to our planet’s diverse environments and diffuse energy flows. Abstracting ideas from these adaptations opens the way to technological breakthroughs and profitable innovation that are often unattainable using conventional approaches to product design and development.

TBGAt Terrapin, we believe that bioinspired innovation transforms businesses and industries, improves quality of life, and enhances the natural environment. This paper is a product of our experience developing bioinspired technologies and a testament to the potential we see in this rapidly growing field.

Highlights from the paper include:

  • An introduction outlining the advantages of bioinspired innovation over conventional approaches.
  • An exploration of nine cross-sector topics through biological strategies and related bioinspired products.
  • An interactive infographic (Market Readiness of Bioinspired Innovations) showcasing over 100 examples of bioinspired technologies, ranging from early concepts to profitable commercial products.
  • A discussion by the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute, which forecasts the economic impact of bioinspired innovation: $425 billion to GDP and 2 million jobs by 2030.
  • Tapping into Nature traces the path from biology to commercialized technologies. We hope to inspire you to tap into nature at your organization.

“We believe that bioinspiration is the next transformative opportunity for companies looking to innovate and organizations looking to transition to a regenerative economy.”
– Chris Garvin, Partner at Terrapin

Tapping into Nature is available here. Please contact Cas Smith at for more information regarding this publication and our services related to bioinspired innovation.

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